Thursday, July 10, 2008

More 4th of July Fun...and FOOD!

Nana makes the BEST steaks!!! We always eat soo good up in the mountains! Thank you Nana!

Corinne's first taste of meat. She enjoyed it thoroughly! 

This was baby Rhett who started the whole steak/rib bone eating tradition!! I can't find the date on this photo, but it had to be the summer of 2006. Correct me if I'm wrong Linds! Now all the babies have to gnaw on their first steak/rib bone up at the cabin!! 

4th of July Fun!!

Corinne took her first road trip this weekend! We drove up to Nana & Papa Reed's cabin in Overgaard to escape the heat! She LOVED it! We've decided she is a mountain girl... she loves the outdoors! Sweet Aunt Lindsey made her this red, white and blue tutu! She experienced a few "firsts" while we were there, namely sweet potatoes (which she loves...), lemonade through a straw (yep, all by herself!!), gnawing on a steak bone (I know... but it's a Reed Family tradition!), a parade and fireworks! We were worried the fireworks would scare her, but she seemed to enjoy them while snuggling up to me in the cool weather. Surprisingly, she fell asleep about 10 minutes into the show! We had such a fun time with Nana, Papa, Lindsey, Clay and the boys!!