Friday, December 31, 2010

After standing in line for a while with my mom, dad, Tim and Corinne, we thought this wouldn't happen. I was sure we'd get a picture with Santa while Corinne was pitching a fit. She kept saying, "But I don't wanna see Santa!" Great. I can't even remember all my mom and I tried saying to convince her to do it. Then, when it was her turn, I rushed right up to Santa and gave him a huge hug. It obviously worked ;-) She then proceeded to tell him she wanted a puppy (sorry babe, not this year) and a dollhouse. Thankfully, Santa made good on the dollhouse request. Though I doubt many will see this post (I would have given up by now if I were you...) we hope your Christmas holiday was filled with love, family, and a renewed appreciation for our Savior, Jesus Christ. Love to all!